USFD in secondment to Agritalia

USFD in secondment to Agritalia
Last November, Karla Ileana Tun Gongora, PhD student at Sheffield University Management School completed one-month secondment to Agrit in the city of Naples, Italy. Agrit is a specialist company in exporting Italian food products around the world, and, during her time in Naples, Karla collected preliminary data to understand the supply chain and distribution process of the company and to propose corrective actions for the future. The current model of the company aims to reduce the waste caused by overstocking through effective planning. With the analysis of the present Inventory management practices, a lot-sizing problem can be developed to improve the outcomes of the company and achieve the goals of the project.
“​The secondment in Naples, Italy – Karla said – has allowed me to network with the best academic experts in the field of Circular Economy. It has also opened the possibility of understanding the perspective of the food industry.
Although my experience as a secondee was challenging, living in a new environment, culture, with a different language, every single moment has been enjoyable and very rewarding for my future research career.
I feel I have benefited both personally and professionally with the new set of skills, knowledge and a network of professionals within the relevant sector of my current research. I am very grateful for this lifetime opportunity, the valuable feedback and support during all my secondment.”