Solagri S.C.

 The SOLAGRI cooperative (located in the Sorrento Coast, Italy) was founded in 1994 by Mariano Valentino Vinaccia who, to enhance and protect the Lemon of Sorrento (which in 2000 obtains the Protected Geographical Indication – PGI recognition by the EC), brings together farms from Sorrento, in order to gain greater strength in the market. Established with a capital of 500,000 lire (a share of 50,000 lire by 10 members founders), SOLAGRI, today, aggregates 200 agricultural producers that, adequately supported by specialized agronomists, have significantly reduced (down to 80%) the use of chemical products, in order to preserve the healthiness of the environment, of the Sorrento gardens, as well as of consumers and same producers.
SOLAGRI, with its 140 hectares of land planted with lemon trees, works – annually – over 16,000 q. lemons provided by its members, either allocating its fresh produce to the large-scale retail trade and its partners for the production of the Sorrento lemon liqueur (Limoncello), or producing directly jams, condiments, juice and oil Essential.