Network Events

Throughout the project, two training events and several seminars will be organised open to interested researchers, depending on local arrangements. If interested about training events, email us.

First ProCEedS Training Workshop

The 1st ProCEedS Training Workshop was organised by SEERC and took place in February 2020 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The workshop introduced the ESRs to a variety of qualitative research techniques and aimed to familiarise students with a full range of research methods and analyses in common use in the disciplines that are being involved in the project. The workshop covered interviewing, observation, document work, the use of visual data and mixed methods. As well as learning how to use these tools, techniques and processes, ESRs have learnt how to apply and evaluate them. Also, the session introduced basic quantitative research methods that could be used across the project, such as hypothesis testing and descriptive statistics. ESRs became familiar with the key role that secondary data could play across their individual work. Furthermore, the workshop provided researchers with an introduction to interdisciplinary study, highlighting the importance of research which reaches beyond disciplinary boundaries, and exploring the differing approaches through which such research can be achieved.

Please, find more, included a full agenda and lectures of the event, here.

Second ProCEedS Training Workshop

The Second ProCEedS Training Workshop, to be hosted by UPN in April 2021 in Naples, Italy, will be an intensive workshop related to the implementation of Circular Economy practices in food supply chain context.

The objectives of this workshop are: (i) To present the project’s scope and outcomes to date; (ii) To provide a set of training courses that build on the foundation knowledge of circular economy practices per supply chain stage to case studies and advanced methodological performance approaches; (iii) To increase interest in circular economy paradigm by extending beyond network’s researchers and practitioners to external early career academics; (iv) To facilitate networking opportunities between industry and academia. Planning and design of activities will start in first general project meetings – a final draft will be presented and discussed in mid-term review meeting. Aiming at supporting skill development, the workshop intends to engage learners as participants and tap their existing knowledge and skills through the analysis of real-life case studies that will be co-developed by consortium’s academics and practitioners. Prominent scholars in the field will be invited in order to support the training scheme on recent research developments.

Final ProCEedS International Conference

The final ProCEedS meeting will be held at Naples (Italy) in the form of an international conference on “The Transition Towards a Circular Economy in the Agri-food Sector”. The aim of this final conference is to present consortium findings in the form of 1-hour presentation sessions and posters from academic and industrial partners. Experts in the field of Circular Economy in the food industry will be invited to present and discuss future directions and trends.