THE ASSOCIATION OF PRODUCERS OF GRAPE AND WINE WITH PROTECTED DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN „SREM- FRUŠKA GORA“ (SREM) was set up in 2015, with one of its goals being to continue the fabled grapevine growing tradition of this area, and also to improve the production of grapevine and wine.
The Association was founded in 2015 by 14 wineries that have recognized the benefits of association and protection of geographical indication of wine produced in the Srem and Fruska Gora winemaking region. The association currently includes 96 grape and wine producers, who manage more than 700 hectares of vineyards. Of the 96 members, 62 are registered wineries. Experienced winegrowers and winemakers share the desire to use to the fullest the potential offered by the Fruska Gora mountain, as well its favorable geographic position, climate with sufficient precipitation
in the period of vegetation and a large quantity of sunny hours, orographic characteristic of the terrain, as well as the vicinity of the Danube river, which jointly form specific conditions that significantly affect the quality of the produced wine.
Over the past 20 years, the winegrowing and winemaking of the Srem and Fruska Gora region has been reliving its renaissance, because both the old and the new producers have erected new vineyards and (re)launched wine production, being aware of the excellent conditions offered by this terroir.
Since 2019, by the decision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia, our association is an authorized user of the protected designation of origin l (PDO) “Srem”/”Sremski rejon”, which includes 34 wineries and more than 150 wines.
We, the members of the Association of Producers of Grapevine and Wines with Geographical Indication „SREM – FRUŠKA GORA“, wish to standardize production and offer to wine lovers a high-quality recognizable product, which is to bear geographic indication of Srem and Fruška gora.
For our members we regularly organize workshops and trainings on current or potential problems in vineyards and wine production. We also regularly inform them about changes in legislation, as well as opportunities to apply for national and EU grants.

Key staff:
Mr. Gordan Bašić is Chairman of the Board of The Association of Producers of Grapevine and Wines with Geographical Indication „SREM – FRUŠKA GORA“. He holds degree as MCs in electronic and telecommunication engineering (University of Novi Sad, Faculty of technical sciences).
Ms. Maja Beko is a Board member of The Association of Producers of Grapevine and Wines with Geographical Indication „SREM – FRUŠKA GORA“. She holds degree as specialist of ophthalmology (University of Belgrade, Medical faculty).
Mr. Slobodan Spasovski is the professional secretary of The Association of Producers of Grapevine and Wines with Geographical Indication „SREM – FRUŠKA GORA“.