1st ProCEedS Training Workshop 18th – 20th February 2020, Thessaloniki


18th February

ProCEedS Training School – Welcome&Introduction – Prof Panayiotis Ketikidis, SEERC, Greece, and Prof Andrea Genovese, University of Sheffield, UK

Best practices in agrifood supply chains research – Dr. Sonal Choudhary, University of Sheffield, UK

Life Cycle Assessment and modelling of agrifood supply chains within a circular economy perspective – Prof Sergio Ulgiati & Dr Remo Santagata, University of Naples Parthenope, Italy

19th February

Qualitative Research Methods – Dr Giovanni Serafini CITY College, Greece

Economic and cost-benefit assessment of circular patterns in agrifood supply chains – Prof Renato Passaro, University of Naples Parthenope, Italy

Secondary dataset analysis & applications – Prof. Alessandro Ancarani, University of Catania, Italy

20th February

Circular economy policies & consumer perception – Sanja Arsova & Dimitris Georgantzis Garcia, SEERC, Greece

Horizon Europe & circular economy funding – Nikos Zaharis, SEERC, Greece

A responsible research & innovation (RRI) approach to the research design & implementation process – Dr George Eleftherakis & Dr Simeon Veloudis, SEERC, Greece